PIAF AT THE ECAS (Basel, June 29th 2017)

Several members of the PIAF team were present at the 7th European Conference on African Studies in Basel and presented the project’s most significant advancements.
The panel (059 : The social life of identity documents in Africa) was an important step for our researchers, while PIAF is entering its dissemination phase after a year spent collecting data in several African countries. It was a well-attended event and the presentations have been recorded, which give a glimpse of our forthcoming publications:

1. Introduction by Richard Banegas and Severine Awenengo Dalberto
2. Playing with identity: producing certificates of indigenes in Nigeria (Oyo State, Lagos State, Plateau State) by Laurent Fourchard
3. « L’État sous l’arbre » : production et usages de papiers d’identité bricolés au Cameroun by Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle
4. Lizards outside the courthouse. Middlemen, bureaucrats and morality in Abidjan by Armando Cutolo
5. What election technologies do when they do not prevent rigging: Insights from Chad by Marielle Debos
6. Materialities in the lives of Malian urban refugees in Burkina Faso: uses and understandings of refugee biometric ID cards by Nora Bardelli

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